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Samanntha D.

“Recently, I found myself between dentists. As luck would have it, my tooth broke late on Friday night. Saturday, my husband began a frantic search for a new dentist. After reading the reviews and ratings on Google and Angie's List, we called the top-rated dentist in the area: Turner Family Dentistry. We expected to get an answering service, but found ourselves talking to Dr. Turner instead. He not only helped us get through the weekend, but also worked me in an appointment on Monday morning. Most dentists won’t give you the time of day if you’re not an existing patient; however, Dr. Turner was genuinely concerned and went the extra mile for someone he had never even met. This in itself deserves the best rating possible, but there is so much more to Turner Family Dentistry.

“I went to that first appointment very afraid.... It was a new dentist, I was having a dental emergency, and I generally did not know what to expect when I walked through the door. My visit quickly became the best surprise. The staff was incredible. The whole office was so welcoming. Dr. Turner even came out and introduced himself while I was filling out paperwork. It ended up being the best dentist visit I’ve ever had.

“My emergency ended up being a root canal and a crown. To my surprise, everything was done at the office in one afternoon. Yes, they even make the crown in the office. The team that worked on me was incredible. They do everything they can to make your experience a good one. They are always offering drinks, have TV available, let you listen to music, anything to make your visit better. They even put the thought into applying Chapstick to your lips throughout your procedures so your lips don’t crack or split. Dr. Turner is kind, gentle, easy to talk to; and he genuinely cares about you as a person and a patient like you are part of his family. His assistant Emily was there for me every step of the way. She held my hand and told me to breathe when I would get nervous or experienced any discomfort. I loved her for being there for me.

“Dr. Turner, Emily, Kinzii, and even my new hygienist Missy were all so warm, kind, and gentle that I truly felt like I was among friends. We were actually having fun talking and laughing, all the while going through what is supposed to be the worst dental procedure: the dreaded root canal.

“To wrap this up, let’s just say this was the best dental visit I ever had. I now have the best dental practice available for my entire family of six. Turner Family Dentistry offers every service my family will ever need, right there in their office. They are affordable, offer the highest quality service, and truly treat you like family. Did I mention affordable? I still get the biggest kick out of watching people’s jaws drop when I tell them how little it actually cost me to get my root canal and crown ... all on the same day!

“Turner Family Dentistry not only gets my highest rating, but also the DeGarmoes’ most heartfelt thank you for being there for me and my family.”


“I would recommend this place to anyone. Usually dentists give a lot of guilt trips and make you never want to go back, but I actually look forward to another dentist appointment with the Turner staff. I was welcomed with a gift bag and tour of the office before my visit started, and Dr. Turner went over my X-rays entirely with me toward the end of my appointment. They asked questions about my personal life with genuine interest, and you can really tell that they try to make their business the best it can be. I hope I never have to go to a different dentist again.”


“I felt like I have failed myself with my teeth. I have good hygiene, but continue to have dental issues. I was done; let’s pull them all out. I meet with Dr. Turner and his staff for a consult. This appointment was after I canceled an appointment to start a previous treatment plan. I was depressed and emotional about my dental health. I don’t have a lot of money and it is not cheap to have dental work done, so creating an action plan that is realistic was also important. I also have other health issues that require me to be able to chew my food really, really well.

“Dr. Turner and his staff spent an hour just talking to me. Talking to me about what I wanted to do. Then talked to me about all the options. The pros and cons of everything. We talked about what path they would go down and gave solid reasons on why they would go down that path.

“I walked out of this office with an action plan we both agreed on. I walked out of this office with my head high that I didn’t fail my dental health. I walked out of this office feeling like I have been coming for years, but in fact it was only my second time there. I walked out of this office feeling that money was not a concern of Dr. Turner. This is an example of how passionate the office is about the client/patient rather than the $!”


“Through my years of unfortunate dental needs, I finally found the BEST dentist and group. They are extremely gentle and sensitive to my fears and needs. They explain every step of the process: what’s going to happen, what happened, why it happened, and what happens next. They take the time to explore financial options and not just hand you a bill; they put you in control of your own treatment plan.”


“I LOVE this dentist office! They have the best hygienists and dentists ever! It is actually so fun to go to the dentist! They are friendly, fun, and you get to listen to music while they do work on you! I recommend them to everyone I know!”


I was not as diligent with my dental care as I should have been. My philosophy was brush twice a day and use mouthwash then dentist only if I had a pain. I have received my wake up call from the staff at Turner family dentistry. I have been three times since May. Not only have they fixed fillings and most recently done a comprehensive examination, but they have explained everything. They are genuinely concerned with your dental health. I do not remember any offices being as thorough as they are. They are very friendly and knowledgeable. They have earned my trust whole heartedly.


I am, at the best of times, one of the worst dental patients you could have. I don’t want to be there, I can’t breathe, etc. Everything about the dentist is a trigger for anxiety. It’s a relentless bombardment of sensory overload and terror. The first time Dr. Bryan Turner and Dedi Turner met me, I was shaking so badly they actually stopped mid-sentence, put their hand on my arm and asked if I was OK. I’m pretty sure I said no. For some unknown reason, they were extremely patient with me. Maybe they thought I would bite their finger(s) off?! But, they were in no hurry, and that was oddly reassuring. I was never going to be anything resembling “OK” about going to the dentist if they didn’t understand where I was coming from. Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety, depression, anxiety, anxiety, anxiety, trauma, anxiety, panic, anxiety. I hate dentists. I hate dentistry. I am paralyzed with terror and won’t dare complain no matter what you do because I am more scared to complain than to let you torture me! Lucky Dr. Turner— the patient from hell had arrived 5 years ago. Since then, they have been the BEST dentist office in the ENTIRE world. On 07/13/17, I had to have an awfully located cavity filled. I was cared for by Dr. Dedi Turner and Emily. I had made a huge mistake by confessing my all-consuming fear of her. You don’t tell the enemy they terrify you. But then, suddenly, she wasn’t my enemy anymore. She and the assistant/hygienist (Emily) looked right at me and smiled. That gentle, knowing smile of someone who just “gets” it, maybe more than you really wish they did. A smile that said, “Don’t worry, we’ve got this.” I was still shaking just as bad as ever, but this time they knew why. They both watched carefully for the slightest flinch because they knew it was the only sign I was going to give if something hurt; my anxiety was definitely not going to let me say anything. Instead of worrying about my verge of panic shaking, Both, Dr. Dedi and Emily handled me better than a therapist or doctor ever could! So, I was so comfortable, I began to laugh about it....which made me stop shaking so much. They didn’t pass judgment or make me feel bad about my condition. They didn’t make a big deal about the fact I kept my eyes wide open like a "freak" and cried like a baby. And when they had to stop the drill for the 100th time because I was terrified and it hurt, they just paused, held my hand and told me stories to cheer me up and help me stop hyperventilating. I never have to apologize for anything. Once they know I was a little more than their average dental anxiety, they both became my ally. In a sense, we all were fighting on the same side now. Dr. Dedi and Emily both helped me battle my terror because they know the tough as nails act is nothing more than a brilliant facade to hide my fears and insecurities. They both stopped a panic attack in its tracks. You both handled me as if you were professionals dealing with this on a daily basis. You understood that my experience was agonizingly long, but the worst thing you can do is because you truly care. The Dr. Turner office is on my side....and it means more than they will ever know. Thank you for understanding and taking such good care of me. I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. If you live with anxiety as a part of your everyday life, then what is a rather simple bi-annual event for most people can turn in to a nervous meltdown. You don’t have to love the dentist. You don’t even have to like the dentist. But if the thought of the letters “DDS” sends you into a tailspin, just know you are not alone. If you are brave enough, consider asking them for an extra 10 minutes before your next appointment to talk. If you’re more like me, write a letter. You can even wait until after your appointment is over, so that, if you’re lucky, it will be six months before you have to face them again. But no matter what your feelings are about dentistry, it is unavoidable. And even the best dentist can’t help if they don’t know what is wrong. It will always be a struggle for me. I’m still terrified every time I walk in Dr. Turners office, I still can’t breathe. I still want to run. But they know it, and it is much easier to battle with them on my side. Sure, I’m embarrassed -- of course, I am. But I’m grateful to have Dr. Turner in my ally because anxiety is an enemy you just can’t fight alone. Thank you, Dr. Dedi Turner and Emily for being the BEST I could ever ask for.

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