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When: Saturday August 1st 2015

  • Registration starts at: 7:00am
  • Patients will seen from 8:00am – 4:00pm
  • First come first serve so GET IN LINE EARLY we will treat the first 50 people in line. 
  • Must be over 18 
  • Given that the medical safety of the patient can be maintained

so far here at Turner Family Dentistry and we have been able to serve a lot of patients with our care and expertise. Dr. Bryan & Dr. Dedi Turner, Owners of Turner Family Dentistry are proud to give back to the community in which their practice has grown over the past seven years. Dentistry From the Heart is an one day event at which Dr. Bryan & Dr. Dedi Turner will have the immense pleasure of giving away 1 free extraction, filling, or cleaning to those in our community who could not otherwise afford these services.

This charitable event is open to anyone, so if you know someone who is in need or you are in need please spread the word. Share it on your Facebook, post it on twitter, or send an email. We want to have plenty of people to serve that day!

Should you want to join us by donating your time and/or resources to help this worthy cause and give back to the community of Union, Kentucky please call our office.